Sunday, August 30, 2009

Silent Too Long

I have not posted in far too long. Taking advice from my good friend Ordinary Guy, I too encouage everyone to do your own research and not to trust any media outlet without validation. As Reagan wisely warned during the cold war, "Trust, but verify".

To that point, start doing your research before the tools to do so are silenced and placed beyond your reach.

You think I exaggerate? You think this too dramatic? Our new FCC Czar, Mark Lloyd, extols the "democratic" virtues of the Venezuela "revolution". From his 2006 book "Prologue to a Farce: Communication and Democracy" he writes,
"It should be clear by now that my focus here is not freedom of speech or the press. This freedom is all too often an exaggeration. At the very least, blind references to freedom of speech or the press serve as a distraction from the critical examination of other communications policies.

[T]he purpose of free speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules that would promote democratic governance."

Is it not just amazing that someone with these views is now shaping policy for the Federal Communications Commission? This strikes a near fatal blow to free speech - you know - one of the biggies in the Constitution (the Constitution is good stuff, you should read it).

I'm not providing a web link on purpose. Research it. Find your own trusted source so that you know it is true.

I'm not giving up on Freedom or our Republic as the United States is the sole remaining flickering light of human freedom.

##That's my opinion##

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