Tuesday, March 03, 2009

An open letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I am tired.  I am tired of the government believing that they can handle things better than I can.  I am tired of the lack of trust in the American people.  I am tired of everyone looking for a hand out.

The United States of America was founded on the belief that the people (we are a republic, after all) should govern through the representatives elected.  In order for that system to work the people have to be close enough to make a difference.  In the current Federal system -- and where it is going -- the people are no longer close enough to do that work, and have lost touch with the reality of where things come from.

There is constant talk of Billion dollar "Stimulus" packages and Trillion dollar budgets.  What is in these entities?  Are these projects really something that should be supported by the Federal government?  Are they really necessary?  What happened to capitalism?  What happened to the free market?  

When the people loose touch with reality by seeing HUGE numbers that are difficult to comprehend so they are made simple by placing a "B" or "T" after them they say "oh, what is a Million dollars here or there".  Or even $30B for a company that is on questionable ground to start with (dirivatives trading has worse odds in the long term then betting at the racetrack.)  Then ask "where is that money coming from?"  This is a zero sum game... there is only so much that is available...  So where does it come from?  Who pays the bills?

President Obama if you search through this blog you will see that I am a critic of the spendthrift policies of the government,  tend to lean more republican (really libertarian), and support less government, not more.  I do not work in the government, but have had my share of turns with really large organizations and know how difficult it is for a for profit organization to stay cost effective and eliminate waste.  How can the largest corporation on the planet get bigger and not expect the same?  How will it eliminate waste?  As a stockholder in the US Government I want to know.

This brings me to my final point, and what I opened up with... I am tired.  I am tired of wondering how much more money I am going to loose.  I am tired of trying to estimate where to put it so that I don't loose more than I am putting in.  I am tired of paying for others who do not deserve it.  I want to understand.  I want to believe that the government has my best interests at heart by it constantly shows me that what it is more interested in is feeding special interests and trying to be everything to everyone.  Why does it not trust its people?  For over 200 years the people of this country have come forward to defend and protect this country.  Why?  Because they believed that this is a free society where they can do what they want (within the law) and their land will not be taken away.  Where their children can live without persecution.  Where they can work hard and give their children a better tomorrow.  I don't see that being fulfilled now.  Why?  Because the government has gotten in the way of what the people can do.  They are taking away our will to go the extra mile.  They are tiring us out.

Please, before it is too late, recognize that we are tired.  By trying to further define the box we need to live in the more we will struggle to get out.  As an African American you should understand what it is like to be stereotyped... stop stereotyping the American taxpayer.   Help us understand how this is better.

-- End of Ramble.

P.S.  President Obama, please give me some hope and stop telling me that everything going on is a crisis.  Please?


Beth said...

Are you kidding me? You want Obama to give you hope? He is loving the chaos, as Emanuael said don't waste a good crisis. Obama keeps harping on how BAD things are so that he can keep doing SOMETHING, of course his SOMETHINGS are ruining this country for generations but everyone loves him and thinks he must be good because he is doing SOMETHING (look at his freakin' approval rating!) His SOMETHINGS are taking away our freedoms quite on purpose, by design, so that Obama and the Democrats can control us and push their agendas upon us.

Ordinary Guy said...


We have to live with this administration for 4 years. I am trying to appeal to what he ran on... and many of the broken promises he has made (Clinton part duex). He needs to do something... but what is being done is way out of wack. 4 TRILLION dollar budget. What is that?

Beth said...

I admire your optimism, but Obama knows exactly what he is doing and loves what he is doing.

Our hope is the moderate Democrats not going along with him.

BB-Idaho said...

For starters, the new administration has taken a play that should have been in the GOP
..I worked for large corporations as you. IMO, they can suck money to the top much faster than government. :)

Lucid Guy said...

On target Ordinary.

BB-Idaho, your opinion may be correct, but one large difference is that the "large corporations" are sucking up their money; money that the corporation earned. The Government is sucking up everyone else's money and too Ordinary's point, without our consent or representation.

Leftie said...

Why do you all hate Obama so much? Are you a racist? I bet you're some kind of White Supremacist or Neo-Nazi. I bet you think the Holocaust never happened. Grow up and stop complaining; rather, be part of the solution. Run for Congress and change it if you don’t like it. Think you can get the votes? Looks like there’s at least 3 or 4 people out there that care what you are saying, maybe they’ll vote for you. People need jobs. America needs to survive. Someone needs to rescue us. The people spoke and Obama is “The Man”. Get over yourself and just deal with it!

Beth said...

Someone needs to rescue us.

Oh my God, this is what is so wrong with people on the left! Did the soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War fight so that we can rely on the government? Is the Constitution all about what the government owes us? Was it the intentions of the Founding Fathers for the government to rescue us? Please enlighten us, Leftie! Site one source from the history of the foundation of this nation where your statements make sense. Meanwhile, get off your sorry butt and rescue yourself.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

I'm certainly not racist. I'm an equal opportunity hater. For the record, "complaining" as you dub it is the fundamental principle which separates America from the rest. We've a right to complain and not be demonized for it. Those of us that are skeptical of government and its actions are serving it far better than those who implore everyone to "buck up", "shut up", and get in line. And, while I've no desire to obtain a government job, I'm quite politically active and am doing my part to change the political structure within my locale.

"People need jobs."

If even it were a proper role of government to provide them (it is not) it is not jobs that people need. Why, the government could employ half the country to dig ditches and the other half to come in on the backside and fill them up. Look to the tribal regions of most of Africa and abroad, why those individuals have jobs. They tend to animals, maybe they plant and harvest crobs. Essentially, they're busing working. There's just one fundamental problem. They're not creating any wealth or capital.

Perhaps you didn't pick up on this tidbit in your government run public school, but the government doesn't have any resources. The government can't pay people to do jobs, create wealth, invest or produce without FIRST taking wealth, capital and productivity FROM the private sector.

AND, government jobs are not only significantly LESS efficient than their private sector counterparts, because there is no profit and loss to contend with, they often pay much higher thus draining more and more capital from the private sector.

America doesn't need to survive. America is just a country and I'm not one for statism thank you.

It is the the American ideal of FREEDOM and INDVIDUAL LIBERTY which must flourish and survive.

And, lest you forget, it is a little more than half of the country's people who've spoken on behalf of Obama. Be remembered however that we are not governed by mob rule in this country. So if the other 46% aren't content with paying for what the other 54% wants...they have the moral right to call Bullsh** on it.

Ordinary Guy said...


"Run for Congress"

I would love too... but I don't have the capital to do it. I have actually explored it. It costs more than one might think to run, sell your soul to donors, and then live in your office on the hill. As far as fixing it... that is NOT THEIR JOB. Their job is to represent the will of the people. Please see many other posts here about the fact that this country is a REPUBLIC.

As for Racism... WTF? You see one post on this blog and assume that because I stat that I am not a supporter of Obama I am a racist? Read elsewhere and get your facts straight.

-End of Ramble

Beth said...

Wonder why Leftie hasn't been back, was his just a hit and run posting, or doesn't he care to respond to our counter-points?

Leftie said...

Oh Beth, how I missed you. Thank you for inspiring me to write again. What would I do without you? WTF? I would love to run for Congress but can't, boo hoo; whiner, this is America, you can do whatever you want. Isn't that part of your "preaching"? Perhaps you should be a pastor of the right wing church; can you affort that? What's wrong, you spending too much at the mall?

So, how do you suppose we pay for our massive military? Have you ever used the library, the PUBLIC library? You like driving on roads? Perhaps you prefer dirt trails. At least government jobs aren't outsourced. Did you know that a large number of CAT scans are actually read in India? Yes, it's cheaper. Oh, that, don't worry, it's just some anomaly on your scan. You'll be just fine. What do we produce in this great REPUBLIC? Yes, I know it's a republic. I'm just rambling like the rest of you. The difference is you don't like what I have to say, so you condemn me.

... just my opinion; end of rambling, for now...

Beth said...

Leftie, I never expressed a wish to run for Congress. Would you want to run for office?

As for the military, that is an actual Constitutional purpose of our federal government. The public library is not. The infrastructure is. CAT scans are not.

btw, where did I condemn you?

Leftie said...

LOL. Beth, I was responding to the previous 3 posts all in one, not just yours.

Beth said...

So who condemned you, because I don't see anyone doing that.

Beth said...

And Leftie when are you going to address my questions to you on the proper role of the federal government, as written in our Constitution?

Leftie said...

Did you see that awesome speech last night? Obama rocks!

Just my opinion; end of rambling, for now.

Beth said...

All I see is a Leftie avoiding my question. Probably because there is no answer.

Beth said...

Anyway, wasn't it a press conference, not a speech? (Although with Obama knowing the questions ahead of time, I can see where you'd be confused.)

So, Leftie, could you take one answer from last night's press conference and frame it within the context of the Constitution and let me know how they are related?

Leftie said...

"Section 8. The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States".

Obama has convinced Congress to lower your taxes because I am sure you are not part of the 1% that may have to pay more. So, enjoy your new cash and go buy something to stimulate the economy and help us out of this crisis.

The beautiful stimulus plan will provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. So enjoy the defense and welfare and stop complaining about Obama.

Oh, and sorry, but you won't become a Princess in the USA becasue, "No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States". So for now, you'll have to settle for Princess of the Rambling Guys title. Oh wait, perhaps nickname may be a better moniker than title. After all, it was a "press conference".

... just my opinion; end of rambling, for now...

Beth said...

I waited 3 days for that? I actually agree with you, I do want my tax dollars back to spend how I see fit, and I do think the general defense and welfare is all that the federal government should be doing. But telling GM who to hire and fire, how is that a Constitutional duty of the president?

Leftie said...

Sorry dear, I'll try to respond more quickly in the future. I am so glad that you agree with me. I can see the olive branch coming my way :-)

Regarding your question "But telling GM who to hire and fire, how is that a Constitutional duty of the president?". What has happened here is that your buddy, former President Bush, loaned GM federal funds. When that happened, the wellfare of GM became intertwined with the general welfare of the USA. This created a relationship between GM and the USA. Obama asking Rick Wagoner to step down is just part of protecting that investment. As the CEO of the USA that holds the loan, he has a vested interest and is able to make that decision. It was part of the loan agreement. If GM could have gotten their loan from other sources without a "we can fire Wagoner" clause, then they would have. It is very sad that GM allowed themselves to be put in such a dire situation. GM cars will be around forever (in the form of individual brands such as Buick). So, their brand will live on, even if the company does not. For example, there are still Oldsmobiles on the road even though Oldsmobile as a company is no longer.

... just my opinion; end of rambling, for now...

Beth said...

The parts we agree upon are based on conservative values, my Leftie friend, and George W. Bush was no conservative, fiscally speaking. He opened a can of worms that never should have been opened, but throwing more money by Obama was no better a solution.

Glad to see you agree with such conservative principles! Maybe you should change your name to Rightie!

Pragmatic Guy said...

"I am tired of paying for others who do not deserve it"

Yes! That is exactly what universal health care, economic stimulus and credit card reform are all about.

The only Obama program that doesn't fit this description is the bailout of Wall Street. It just doesn't make any sense. I'd like to know why we did what we did, why we're letting these folks off the hook, why they're still plundering us. It seemed natural under Bush, but we voted for Change. Where's my change? Is it going to trickle-down from AIG, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan?

I hope this is a bad pun. And I'm running out of hope as well.

Fire Geithner. Now.

Ordinary Guy said...

I completely agree with you Pragmatic.

You are right on.

-End of Ramble

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I am tired of the socialism programs and I am tired of the utter lack of confidence that we the people have in our congressional and executive leaders.