Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Did You Say Billion - With A "B"?

Excuse me? We are going to let the United Nations control $1.88 billion to renovate the UN Building complex? This has to be some sort of twilight zone joke. In 2005 Donald Trump offered to perform the work for $700 million and to waive his personal management fee. I guess Donald didn't have the experience or resume that the UN was looking for in it's quid pro quo project deal.

But this is my favorite part. According to the UN's website, Brian Streb will be in charge of procurement and he said
...that every effort would be made to follow the
General Assembly's mandate to create opportunities for developing countries and
those in transition to participate in the procurement process. One of the
criteria for the selection of the company that will lead the renovation will be
its ability to incorporate services and suppliers from developing
countries. He also said that the glass for the curtain wall might come from China and the steel reinforcement from India.
China and India? Well why not. They are just number one and number two in the "blame evil America first" environmental club.

Mr. Streb, I have an opportunity for you. Provide another nation the opportunity and pleasure of playing host to the United Nations headquarters. Since the new world sport seems to be "hate America", give someone else the pleasure of playing host. I recommend Paris, unless they have already succumbed to Sharia law.

##That's my opinion##

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