Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where Did Our Border Fence Go?

If you have the stomach for it, I invite you all to read (or at least take a look at) the
This legislation is over 3,000 pages in length, but fear not, I'm sure that all of our respective elected Senators and House members read it thoroughly before they voted on it. Oh, and if you're wondering who did vote for it, please check out the Roll Call Votes for H.R. 2764.
This piece of legislation does considerable damage to the Secure Fence Act of 2006 which was enacted into law to build a two tier border fence along our southern border. The model for this fence is in place in southern California and has reduced local crime rates by 50%.
The new law reduces funding to the border fence while giving money for lawyers to represent illegal aliens. What? Am I living in the twilight zone? So I guess the game in Washington is if a law is passed that you don't like, you simply stall long enough to pass counteractive legislation to get your way. I thought I read somewhere that we were a nation of laws - huh, guess that was some other country.
It's time we held our representatives and our government accountable. They have sworn an oath to protect the United States and it's citizens from invasion - read the Constitution, it's in there.
Our country is flooding. We need to shut off the water before we start to bail or try to repair the plumbing. Build the fence, close the border, and then we can deal with the illegals that are still here. Everyone knows that it's the correct course of action - so what are we waiting on?
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