Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Multiculturalism - inch by inch

I've said it before and current events keep proving the point. Even though our nation is somewhere between 75 and 80% Christian, the silent majority continues to let minorities demand equal (and sometimes superior) treatment in the public square. Allowing Muslims to demand separate and equal holidays in our government schools (that's public school for the uninformed) is not only wrong it's dangerous to our culture. Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and we continue to be a Christian nation. It is a slippery slope from Christian beliefs to a multicultural and weaker nation.

While it is true that America is a melting pot of immigrants, we have become a unique and vibrant culture. This strength has left us as the sole remaining superpower and we should not shy away from that responsibility. We should celebrate our place in the geopolitical arena and constantly remind ourselves of our "Americanness".

We should be proud of our heritage and our history. We are American, and we should not forget it or allow it to fade away - inch by inch.

##That's my opinion##

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Beth said...

Why don't we let Muslims take off for their holiday and come to school or work on Christmas to make up the work?