Wednesday, September 26, 2007

America's downfall -- The New Deal

I have often thought that the real downfall of this country started with FDR and the New Deal. Now Amity Shlaes has been published in Imprimis here with excerpts from her speech. She is right on... and I am looking to get her book "The Forgotten Man: A new History of the Great Depression" where she supports her position of how FDR used the words "The Forgotten Man" to manipulate the people, along with his New Deal projects, into dependence on the Federal Government.

A great article, worth the read, and it may change your opinion on how we got into the position we are currently in in America.

-End of Ramble


Daniel Ruwe said...

The New Deal started us on a path to socialism.

Ordinary Guy said...

Agreed Daniel.

The question now is... how do we repeal it?

Lucid Guy said...

Excellent post! I had often wondered how the whole earmark process got started. The Imprimus article was a real eye opener for me. We often hear in the news that either Reps or Dems are complaining about the other side of the aisle and what earmarks they have added. It boggles my mind that earmarks are even possible. Why does our system allow for completely unrelated items to be included in the same legislation? Our Congress has become a bunch of swindlers and con artists worrying more about keeping their job than doing their job.

My suggestion is to allow the line item veto - and USE IT!