Thursday, March 15, 2007

The future of Internet Video

I found this article at "" very interesting. Why you ask? Because the author's statement here:

In a case that will pit the old guard of media against the new giant of Internet video, Viacom Inc. said yesterday it is suing YouTube and Google for $1-billion (U.S.), accusing them of "brazen disregard" for copyright laws.

Is right on. The Big Media companies need to evolve or die. It's time to wake up and realize that the new world order is Customer choice. They need to realize that the Customer comes first, not their pocket books. It is widely known that the Artist only gets a small fraction of the profit on their produced works. If that is the case... where does the rest of the money go? Especially in this world of electronic distribution?

Quite a few companies have been making inroads to solve for this problem. Look at ABC delivering shows on the Internet right after they air. They have realized that brand identity and customer care is far more important than squeezing every penny out of the system.

To the Media Companies: Wake up and smell the bacon. Evolve or die.

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Beth said...

Evolve or die...odds are (I am guessing) that many will go down with the ship. Let the cream of the crop rise to the top!

Daniel Owen said...

Lets hope "Big Media" dies in its' sleep!