Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Post Election and Immigration

Now that all the hubbub around the Elections is starting to fade I though I would 'come out of the woodwork' and get back on the Immigration horse. In my travels I have come across a web site called "NumbersUSA" in which I found some fairly compelling information around immigration and what to do in the long run.

It's very interesting. It seems to be a very non-partisan view at the issue, and how to solve the problem. The Director, Roy Beck, has produced a video on the issue and a good portion of it can be seen here.

I really recommend that you check it out.

Beyond that I'm still absorbing the effects of the recent elections. I am very concerned that we now have a leader of the secular progressive or liberal movement now looking at becoming the Speaker of the House. I am very concerned that the change in our government has been widely reported as positive by socialists around the world. Stay tuned... I'm still trying to absorb and watching what happens.

For another good read I recommend you check out this article.

-End of Ramble

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