Friday, December 02, 2005

More on complacency in our republic


We have forgotten that as a country... As a People... THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

We are a unique melting pot, and our value set and goals for individual freedom is what makes us different from the rest of the world.

Also, the fact that we are a Federal Republic, not a Democracy, is what makes us different. But it also means that we all (everyone) has to take responsibility for their actions. We have forgot our responsibility to our fellow Americans. Yea yea, we respond when there is a disaster, and we do it well, but that is short term, sound bite thinking that has infected us on every level. We need to look towards the future, towards spending some quality time selecting our elected representatives.

How many of us can say what the 16th amendment covered? Or the 27th amendment?

Check it out

-End of Ramble

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maninblack said...

hey man - good stuff. ppl don't know because schools don't teach the constitution anymore. i'm gonna add your blog to my bookmarks, and i invite you over to mine - we share similar views i believe. i've only been writing this thing for a few weeks and wanted to see how i liked it - well so far so good and am starting to try and generate some traffic. stop by if you want, leave a comment and i'll add ya to my blogs link list: - merry christmas